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New York-New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is located on the Northwest corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana Ave. You might recognize iconic images from the New York City skyline such as: the Statue of Liberty, The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.

This resort is famous for the roller coaster - which, I have to admit is pretty fun. Eating here is always and adventure. Nine Fine Irishmen is probably the most iconic restaurant but there is always THAT friend who is sick and wants very bland food. Head on over to America. It's children friendly and definitely safe and familiar food for your ill caboose.

As far as the casino, it has a great feel to it. They do a good job creating an interesting urban environment. The little street shops are conveniently right there. The roller-coaster dropping into the casino space also adds character.

The chips are made in Mexico by Paulson. The different denominations are released at different times. The $1 chip in the video below was issued 2008. The next $1 chip was issued in 2012. The $5 chip featured was issued 2011. Makes sense...(irony intended)

The one dollar chip is a style 8 (as it was known on the old Paulson chart) also known as the 414 edge spot pattern design. This means a 7/8 inch inlay with four one-quarter inch edge spots. Unlike the $5 featured here this chip uses the Hat and Cane mold, more specifically the Short-Cane Version (SCV).

The five dollar chip is a style 30 (old Paulson chart) also known as the 4TA316. As in four groups of three one-sixteenth inch edge spots. These feature the "New York-Apple" house mold. The inlay is 7/8 inch. I like this chip more than the previous $5 checks because of the clean design.

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Last Updated: 30 June 2017

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