Poker Chip Buying Guide

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The Poker Chip Buying Guide - Budget:

First, you really need to establish a budget. Before you even think about poker chips you need to set a budget. This is not a competition to see who can spend the highest percentage of their disposable income on poker chips. Remember it is not just poker chips. You’ll want to buy a table, cards, dealer puck and case(s). One perk of living in a freeish market economy is there is always someone trying to meet the demands of the population. There will always be awesome poker chips coming to market.

Stock poker chips sets are generally NOT an investment. Yes, you can recoup some of their cost by selling them but recouping costs and an actual investment are two different things. Buy them with disposable income you can live without, preferably, avoiding any debt.

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Poker Chip Buying Guide CONTENTS

Page 01 - Intro
Page 02 - Budget (You Are Here)
Page 03 - Direction
Page 04 - Chip Materials
Page 05 - Chip Types
Page 06 - Quantity
Page 07 - Breakdown
Page 08 - My Experience
Page 09 - Recommendations
Page 10 - Useful Links

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Last Update: 26 Mar 2017