Poker Chip Buying Guide

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The Poker Chip Buying Guide - Quantity:

After you have picked a set you like, how many do you need? Here is a very quick guide - please make your own educated decision.

Below are two shuffling sets I have next to my computer. On the left some Blue Chip Co (BCC) Garden City $2's. On the right, Horseshoe Cincinnati $1's.

Starting Shuffling Set*: 10-50 Chips
Around Four People: 300 Chips
Around Eight People: 500+ Chips
Tournaments: 1000+ (Multifactorial)
*Expect this number to grow over time as this is a great way to start collecting chips

These are just ball park estimates, it really comes down to you and your friends preference. Some people really like deep stacks and will order 1000 chips for a 6 person game. My friends like to have 40-60 chips starting a cash game. It is better to have too many than not enough.

Finally, I would recommend you do NOT order your chips in small numbers over the course of years but order the entire set all at once. Depending on the manufacturer colors can vary over the years and it looks spotty. Not to mention wear, fading and some companies or factories may go under.

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Poker Chip Buying Guide CONTENTS

Page 01 - Intro
Page 02 - Budget
Page 03 - Direction
Page 04 - Chip Materials
Page 05 - Chip Types
Page 06 - Quantity (You Are Here)
Page 07 - Breakdown
Page 08 - My Experience
Page 09 - Recommendations
Page 10 - Useful Links

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Last Update: 26 Mar 2017